About Us

What if you could truly wear your heart on your sleeve? CauseURGood® creates quality apparel and accessories that allow you to raise money for the charitable causes you care about, with fun designs and in style!

Our shirts and bags are meticulously crafted in California.

With each purchase, we donate 10% to the organization of your choosing. Your dedication and generosity may just save the world. And you’ll look fantastic doing it.


Here’s how it works:

1. Browse our website and find items that you love

2. Before checkout, click to donate to whichever charity you’d like

3. Before you know it, there’s a package at your door

4. Show the world how fashionable you are and share your cause with your friends!

So join us in improving the lives of those in need… Why? CauseURGood!


ABOUT DINA  pancho

CauseURGood® is a labor of love, a passion that was ingrained in Dina’s core since childhood.

Dina was raised on the power of generosity, with her own family’s altruism. These gestures of kindness created an undeniable sense of community that she would never forget; through her worldwide travels, absorbing varied cultures and experiences, she realized she had the opportunity to show that we’re all capable of making a difference, no matter how big or small. After years of working in the corporate sector, Dina realized she wanted to engage in work that not only meant more to her, but also made a lasting impact for others. CauseURGood is the embodiment of Dina’s passion for social issues and her desire to speak out against injustices of all kinds. She works on its mission in the lovely city of San Francisco, where she also falls hopelessly in love with every dog she meets.