End the Silence Women Black T-shirt

End the Silence Women Black T-shirt

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Could you imagine waking up to a life where you weren’t allowed to plan your own day, what you ate, or even what clothing you wore? A life where your decisions weren’t your own? Probably not. Use your freedom to help other women gain their own. Encourage those who hesitate to speak by wearing your truth for the world to see!  The Facts:

Young girls who witness and experience domestic violence without intervention are more vulnerable to abuse as teens and adults, subjected to physical and emotion abuses, forced marriages, prostitution, genital mutilation and domestic servitude in prolific numbers.

Those who suffer from domestic violence and other abuses rarely report them to friends, family and the proper authorities.

The Fit:
Water based ink
Sizes: S, M, L.
Slim Fit
100% fine jersey cotton.
Made in the USA
Black, with Red and Gray Graphic